Federal policy

 The Belgian federal government subscribes to the goal of the European Council and the European Commission of 50% sustainable procurement procedures for all federal public procurement. Sustainable procurement procedures are compliant with the instructions given in the federal circulars concerning sustainable public procurement.  The federal government encourages the European Commission to go further with its policy on environmentally and socially responsible public procurement. Just like Europe, it considers the formulation of environmental criteria within the framework of eco-innovative products and services. It also wishes to take the importance of social aspects into consideration. It consequently sets its sustainable public procurement policy within the broader context of sustainable development. Finally, it wants to make efforts to define minimum criteria for groups that will not be developed by Europe (in the shorter term).   SOURCE: Federal action plan for sustainable public procurements2009 – 2011, p 5.  Reading the action plan: (in Dutch or in French)More information about the consultation around this action plan: Word / PDF  Read more >>