Level 3: Social consultation

 The social consultation that follows the preliminary research (level 2) has the following objectives: a)       to check whether products and services exist on the Belgian market for the criteria (see market research),b)       to support research for the criteria from the demand side (public procurers), the supply side (companies) and the wider middle ground (particularly NGOs),c)       to refine the European criteria that originated within the context of the activities of the GPP toolkit. A first general enquiry among the stakeholders took place in the second half of 2010. Product and service groups were defined for which consultation was needed in the short term. For some ten groups the discussion was started in 2010 and resulted in the drawing up of validated files. For more information about the plans (NL and FR) In 2010 it also appeared that various public levels invested in the development of sustainable criteria for products and services. Reference can in the first instance be made to the efforts of the European Commission (GPP toolkit). At Belgian level reference can be made to the federal circulars, this federal guide, the Walloon circulars (link) and the Flemish initiatives (circulars, product tests, environmental procurement guide). The stakeholders and sector federations are contacted in nearly all cases (read more). The Sustainable Development PPS, which is responsible for this guide, is therefore primarily interested in sound knowledge of the various consultations. It will continue the consultation depending on the available resources.Read more >>